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At CCS we are committed to building stronger churches by teaching and mentoring Church Leaders through a Church Transformation Journey.  The basic philosophy around our support is that most people want to do great things within their churches and ministries, but need guidance and direction.  We must help congregants develop an Intimate Relationship with God to mature and then provide the organization and structure for them to thrive in our churches.  As a church leader, you can never teach what you do not know nor can you become what you have never been taught.  CCS with our Church Transformation model will teach pastors and church leaders to become visionary leaders within their churches and equip them with proven strategies and methodologies for long term success.  We will work with you to “Fill In” the missing pieces to the Church Puzzle.

Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Explores The Need To Transform The Culture In All Churches

Jeff Beamon provides the necessary steps for church transformation in order to accomplish the Great Commission